Client Multi Factor Authentication to Access Online Services

In order to enhance the security of it online services, CRA has launched a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process for users or tax accountant.

Once enrolled, you need to log-in to the CRA. The user will receive a pass-code through text message or by phone call. This is needed to be entered in the system to log-in to the CRA online service for multi-factor authentication.

Being an authorized representative, you are needed to be enrolled in MFA before accessing to the online services meant for clients. Such as representative of a Client, Auto fill T1 and T2 functionality and My Account and My Business Account in order to retrieve personal tax information.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Let’s put a light on the process of enrolment which includes:

  • Put in the passcode in the CRA which is received via telephone number after choosing a method of delivery and the language of the message.

•             After enrolment, each time you log-in to CRA. You need to enter a passcode and also required for re-authentication which happens if the session times out after the inactivity for a certain period of time.

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