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Deadline to file your return and pay your taxes

Pay your taxes and file the returns by 30th April 2021. Those who are self-employed or if their spouse or common law partner is self-employed (in case of availing spousal credits), the deadline to file the tax returns is 15 June 2021.

Filing the taxes is far easier now as compared to it was before. This tax season,  our tax accountant come up with many services that will make it way easier for you. Well, plan ahead and avoid the delays.

This COVID-19 pandemic might delay the entire process of filing, may slow down the assessment or might affect in receiving the refunds, benefits or credit payment. To avoid the last minute havoc, we recommend you to start well in advance. Get your documents assembled like income slips (such as your T4s forms), the receipts, assessment notice of previous tax year and income tax return’s last year copy to use it as a model.

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